Piz da l'Ova Cotschna | 30.09.2017
Piz da l'Ova Cotschna
1 week mini vacation in Lombardy and Engadin | 11.09.2017
Piz dal Fain
Matthorn | 26.08.2017
Piz Chüern | 16.07.2017
Piz Chüern
Pass da Casnil | 15.07.2017
Pass da Casnil
Rautispitz and Wiggis | 8.07.2017
Another birthday on Piz Languard | 24.06.2017
Piz Languard
Lagh da Val Viola | 17.06.2017
Lagh da Val Viola
Lavin to Fuorcla Zadrell to Guarda | 10.06.2017
4 wonderful days in Engadin | 29.05.2017
Dielsdorf - Regensberg - Lägern - Baden | 21.05.2017
Balsthal to Waldenburg | 23.04.2017
Halloween in CA | 19.11.2016
Point Lobos
Drüsberg | 25.09.2016
Double birthday hike mini-vacation | 15.09.2016
Pass Suvretta
Augstenberg | 28.08.2016
Schilt, Heustock, Gufelstock | 27.08.2016
Chamanna Boval | 07.08.2016
Piz Mezzaun | 06.08.2016
Piz Mezzaun
daduke in Canada! | 23.07.2016
Waterton Lakes
Chur to Lenzerheide | 09.07.2016
Casaccia to Soglio | 07.05.2016
Ospizio Bernina to Poschiavo | 06.05.2016
Champfèr - Pass Suvretta - Bever | 05.05.2016
Pass Suvretta
No 7 | 29.04.2016
No 6 | 20.04.2016
Fifth tour this year | 10.04.2016
Chamanna d'Es-cha | 01.01.2016
Chamanna d'Es-cha
found some! | 30.12.2015
Engagin with snow
where da snow at??? | 29.12.2015
Engagin sans snow
Linux on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 | 28.12.2015
Yoga 2
With some tweaks Fedora 23 runs rather well on this nice little machine!
Prime Tower peeking through Zurich sunrise fog | 19.12.2015
Zurich sunrise fog
This year's CA trip | 04.12.2015
CA coast
Published my first Pebble app | 30.11.2015
LMSController Control your squeezebox music players from your Pebble!
First Python project | 21.11.2015
Wrote a BLE driver and WeeWX connector for a Ventus W820 weather station.
Lej da Staz | 25.10.2015
Lej da Staz
San Romerio | 24.10.2015
San Romerio
Ärmigchnubel | 11.10.2015
Fuorcla Pischa | 30.08.2015
Fuorcla Pischa
Piz Julier | 29.08.2015
Piz Julier Finally!
3 Schwestern | 22.08.2015
3 Schestern
celebrating .ch's bday in Engadin | 02.08.2015
Chaste Another stroll around beautiful Chastè
Lenzerhorn | 10.07.2015
Sharing wonderful Engadin with friends | 06.07.2015
Engadin Glad you finally found your way to ol'Europe!
Spinas to Fuorcla Crap Alv | 10.05.2015
Crap Alv Off-season Pontresina is deserted!
Albisrieden - Üetliberg - Albispass - Affoltern a.A. | 19.04.2015
Albis Very nice spring hike
Music, food and gators | 04.04.2015
Tipitina's Very nice two weeks
Hochkopf | 23.11.2014
Hochkopf Beats getting depressed in Zurich fog
Beautiful California | 15.11.2014
Emerald Bay Yet another great CA trip. Thanks to Linnea + Dave and Betty + Arno!
Piz Lunghin | 19.10.2014
Piz Lunghin
Saoseosee | 18.10.2014
new panorama viewer | 05.10.2014
Java sucks I finally replaced my Java based panorama viewer with something reasonable.
Hiking near Amden | 28.09.2014
Munt Baselgia | 02.09.2014
Muottas da Puntraschigna | 01.09.2014
custom ride | 21.08.2014
custom ride I salvaged the parts off my broken bike , bought a new frame and topped it of with a Helios handle bar to add some brainz.
Gorges de l’Areuse and Creux-du-Van | 17.08.2014
Creux du Van
the one and only Axel Zwingenberger | 26.07.2014
Axel Zwingenberger
Rossbodenstock | 19.07.2014
Afterwork tour to Bachtel | 03.07.2014
Appalachian Mountains | 29.06.2014
Looking Glass Rock
Lej Languard | 22.06.2014
Lej Languard
Fornohütte (almost) | 21.06.2014
Hiking near Hoher Kasten | 08.06.2014
Awesome Black Forest MTB tour | 07.06.2014
very nice 70km after-work tour | 23.04.2014
another lovely sunday afternoon | 13.04.2014
boy, what a spring! | 06.04.2014
Hohentengen 360 km until April 6!
first 2014 bike tour | 08.03.2014
.. after the shortest winter break ever: Dec 3 - Mar 8
3D printing | 01.03.2014
K8200 I built myself a 3D printer. Read about the improvements I made to the original kit.
Website upgrade | 04.01.2014
This website is now based on HTML5 and YAML.
Winter impressions | 04.01.2014
Celerina This year's snow fun
Trip | 17.12.2013
jump! Phoenix, AZ to San Francisco, CA
2013 bike season in review | 09.12.2013
all 2013 bike tours due to a horrible "spring", the 2013 season didn't start before April 14. Hence lower mileage than usual: only ~ 2000 km. Last tour was yesterday, December 8.
einer geht noch! | 26.10.2013
Klettgau not bad: end of october, and still warm enough for a tour!
summer's over | 19.10.2013
Uetikon Probably last road bike tour this year
another hike | 21.09.2013
Pizol Lake Around Pizol
ouch | 09.09.2013
Hombrechtikon The dinghy lips are not a botox experiment gone belly-up, but a head-on bee sting at 36 km/h.
South rim | 07.09.2013
Meadow Missus' bday hike
Foggy as hell | 31.08.2013
Brücke Via Ferrata Braunwald
Finally | 25.08.2013
Hoodoos Pictures of last US tour (CO, UT, NV) are online!
Wonderful week in Engadin | 17.08.2013
Val Bever lotsa hiking
Some pix from Nice, France | 04.08.2013
Hiking near Annot, Provence | 03.08.2013
Roadbike tour to Lucerne | 01.08.2013
Fun weekend in Porlezza | 28.07.2013
quite the weekend.. | 21.07.2013
Pinut 100 km road bike + 60 km MTB (including the amazing Felsenweg) + Via Ferrata Pinut (for more pix, see Andreas' website)
Hiking near Braunwald | 14.07.2013
Tour no. 13 this year | 13.07.2013
Sunset in Utah | 08.06.2013
phone cam picture
today I took my new bike.. | 27.05.2013
Wiese to my favorite spot in Kanton Zurich: Sternenberg
nature showing off | 19.05.2013
double rainbow
replacement was fast! | 18.05.2013
Kalter Wangen and what a wonderful replacement at that!
6th tour this year.. | 14.05.2013
Greifensee .. with a nice view and a nasty surprise
fun toy | 11.05.2013
Crazyflie got myself a Bitcraze Crazyflie
latest season opening EVER | 25.04.2013
Bubikon third tour this year
LMS plugin development | 12.04.2013
wefunk! a Logitech Media Server (LMS) plugin for Wefunk Radio
another view | 19.03.2013
View from my balcony
Skiing weekend | 17.02.2013
another electronics project | 14.02.2013
Disco! control RGB LED strip via I2C
XC skiing | 10.02.2013
Nice butterflies | 30.01.2013
Butterfly! Visit to the Papiliorama in Kerzers
This year's winter vacation | 05.01.2013
mighty pretty when covered in snow too | 4.12.2012
View from my balcony
Fall trip, "Finally, a bear!!" edition | 01.12.2012
Bear Another highlight: Halloween at Edmeier's!
this is what I see... | 3.10.2012
View from my balcony .. when I sit on my balcony.
Another wonderful hiking weekend | 19.09.2012
Fauhorn with a twist: da missus threw me a surprise bday party! Thanks to all who could make it.
Extended bday weekend in Pontresina | 13.09.2012
Lej Silvaplana
Seahawk-based dragonfly shooting on the Limmat | 15.08.2012
Seahawk time! | 13.08.2012
Seahawk II
short trip to Oslo | 06.08.2012
another trip | 29.07.2012
Squirrel total hiking distance: 265 km
new (temporary) roomie | 23.07.2012
meow! long story
new toy | 21.07.2012
Raspberry Pi
wonderful weekend | 01.07.2012
Piz Bernina great hiking weekend in Pontresina: day 1 and day 2.
how fun! | 15.06.2012
Captain daduke
sneak preview II | 12.06.2012
Horseshoe bend
awesome bike | 10.06.2012
motorcycle, Mad Max style
sneak preview | 08.06.2012
Great Teton National Park
Ridin' w/ my man | 17.05.2012
Ridin' w/ da missus | 10.05.2012
after 3 weeks of rain... | 29.04.2011
Forest Fricktaler Höhenweg between Frick and Mettau
amazing tool | 20.04.2012
DSLR Controller DSLR Controller running on a Nook Color with CM9 is an incredibly cool way to control your Canon 550D.
LVM usage visualization | 23.03.2012
LVMchart are you using LVM but sometimes find it a bit difficult to keep track of your disk space? That's what happened with our numerous file servers and we decided to do something against it. So we came up with a nifty LVM visualization tool that generates interactive charts of the different LVM volume levels: PVs, VGs, LVs, and it also shows file system filling levels. It uses AJAX to generate the graphs one by one and also supports LVM snapshots. You can try it live here and read about it here.
in defense of Gnome 3 | 21.03.2011
Gnome 3 why is everybody and their dog ranting about Gnome 3? When Fedora 15 came out, sporting the new Gnome 3 desktop, I just tried it. I had been using Gnome 2 before. I performed the upgrade and I loved it from minute one. It is clean, intuitive, and, with the right shell extensions, has exactly the functionality I need from a desktop environment. Maybe y'all just hate it because it's new?
oh Black Forest, | 17.03.2011
Schluecht I missed you!
Orchid | 11.03.2012
nice nice | 02.01.2012
Pontresina 6 days of snow fun
Xmas present | 24.12.2011
Guadalupe Peak Awesome road trip from Houston to San Francisco. Thanks to all my friends who hosted us.
mjam! | 21.11.2011
phone cam picture
The day after, a short one | 30.10.2011
Schwyzer Panoramaweg and Grosser Mythen | 29.10.2011
Grosser Mythen A bit on the long side...
Hiking in Appenzell | 23.10.2011
Schäfler Nice tour in late October
let ski season begin | 06.10.2011
phone cam picture
New office | 05.10.2011
phone cam picture
Adventure | 01.10.2011
Graustock Via Ferrata to Graustock - Andreas has more
for da missus | 07.09.2011
Mono Lake print 160x40 cm² acrylic dibond print of my Mono Lake panorama
roadbike tour | 03.09.2011
Kohlboden left and right of beautiful Tösstal
Summer evening | 02.09.2011
phone cam picture nice nice
roadbike tour | 28.08.2011
Oberhallau to meet my man Steffen at the Bergrennen Oberhallau
MTB weekend | 22.08.2011
Klosterweiher two very nice tours: Sat and Sun
Focus stacking experiments | 14.08.2011
Drosophila playing with Magic Lantern and Zerene Stacker (also the red spheres on page 2)
.ch bday hike | 01.08.2011
3 Schwestern hiking in Liechtenstein: 3 Schwestern
golden tree in evening sun | 25.07.2011
phone cam picture
Christian Christl | 23.07.2011
phone cam picture Tipitina!!
Sunday hike | 03.07.2011
Erstfeld to Bälmeten
at last... | 29.06.2011
Bryce Canyon Pix from my last trip to NV, UT and AZ
Ship ahoy! | 28.06.2011
phone cam picture I christen you Seahawk II
another one | 19.06.2011
phone cam picture fun fun
Retro! | 19.06.2011
phone cam picture playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S II
Hiking | 12.06.2011
Braunwald Sali to Braunwald
Blinkenlights | 13.06.2011
in case you're using a PC Engines ALIX board as a router, you might be interested in using its 3 LEDs to monitor network traffic. For that purpose I wrote a small C program. Read more.
d.o is ready! | 03.06.2011
World IPv6 day d.o is IPv6 ready
to my fellow Zion hikers | 25.05.2011
whose picture I took - please drop me a line so I can send you the file!
The art of Mountain Biking | 22.04.2011
kaputt finger I no has it. And you should see my forearms. The tour was cool though
o hai! | 19.04.2011
it's about time | 15.04.2011
daduke.org can now be reached by IPv6.
very nice hike | 10.04.2011
Tour | 09.04.2011
Spring! | 07.04.2011
Spring blossoms it's here!
Pleasure seeing you again, Mr Parker | 28.03.2011
Jazz Cully MACEO!!!
nice stroll | 20.03.2011
Island in the Reuss Reussuferweg between Bremgarten and Mellingen
no snow my ass | 12.03.2011
Chli Aubrig lots of it, in fact
Home improvement | 07.03.2011
Living room Superb acrylic-on-dibond quality.
Lazy lizards | 13.02.2011
nice hike | 06.02.2011
einer geht noch! | 30.01.2011
weil's so schön war... | 23.01.2011
Val Roseg
awesome weekend | 17.01.2011
St. Moritz
yay! | 09.01.2011
CPL on a S95 thanks to Lensmate, I now have a CPL on my S95.
Thanksgiving, "howdy y'all" edition | 03.01.2011
Valley of Fire
XC skiing yay! | 27. + 28. + 29.12.2010
Bernau in winter
White Xmas | 25.12.2010
daduke in snow
winter impressions | 18.12.2010
plant in snow
more highspeed photography | 11.12.2010
bursting balloon
first attempt in highspeed photography | 15.11.2010
falling ball using a SmaTrig2 in light barrier mode, a laser diode, a Nissin Di866 and my Canon 550D in bulb mode I shot this ball falling down - now on to more exciting motifs
(presumably) the last road bike tour of this year | 14.11.2010
and a good one at that
being head of ISG D-PHYS | 17.10.2010
my calendar side effects may include busyness and overlapping items
playing with my retro adapter | 17.10.2010
Drosophila melanogaster Combined with my Tokina 11-16 the retro adapter provides some interesting insight.
amazing discovery | 09.10.2010
The Felsenweg between Höchenschwand and Nöggenschwiel is by far the coolest single trail I've ever seen
Roadbike tour | 03.10.2010
nice house 'Autumn Leaves' edition
Motorcycle tour | 02.10.2010
shack near Euthal with new cam + lenses
DSLR lenses compared | 30.09.2010
Some notes on lens performance
o hai donkey, o hai cows | 19.09.2010
original Swiss donkey Tour to lovely Mandach
MTB tour again | 12.09.2010
Höllbach-Wasserfälle Visiting the Höllbach-Wasserfälle
Quite a bit of climbing involved | 05.09.2010
Zindlenspitz Andreas has more
Carpe Diem | 26.08.2010
Finally, Etzelpass | 22.08.2010
Etzel It had me intimidated for too long.
3 summits in 1 tour | 21.08.2010
Oberlehen Another amazing Black Forest tour full of single trails
Hiking near Bergün | 07.08.2010
Bergün Due to amazing amounts of snow, the planned roundtrip had to be canceled.
MTB tour to Freiburg | 31.07.2010
Bike tour with my Dad | 25.07.2010
Herzog sen. + jun.
Hiking, "Foggy Sunday" edition | 18.07.2010
Fürstein It started out really foggy but later got very nice.
Motorcycle tour | 10.07.2010
Near Tössegg | 07.07.2010
Playing with my new cam | 05.07.2010
Flower Exploring all the exciting new possibilities...
MTBing Black Forest again | 03.07.2010
Althütte Narrowly escaped a massive thunderstorm
First hike in .ch this year | 27.06.2010
Pilatus Hike to Pilatus
new cam (again) | 24.06.2010
Canon 550D 3rd camera in 2 years - the last two got stolen. Now I got myself a nice DSLR.
Pimped my picture gallery | 19.06.2010
Sternenberg Movies, pannable panoramas and GPS tracks are now included in the slide shows. An example is this gallery from California. Now my octo-core Thinkpad W510 is busy encoding all remaining galleries.
Go there yourself, it's worth it. | 05.06.2010
soooo overdue | 22.05.2010
Mandach Let us draw the curtain of silence over the previous 3 weeks.
Hardcore! | 9.05.2010
well-protected dudes Taking MTBing to the next level
Dandelion weekend | 25.04.2010
Rheintal 2 tours: 74 and 106 km
When da evnin sun go down... | 19.04.2010
Sunset over Limmat
immensely interesting | 18.04.2010
Schloss Freudenfels Back from a 4-day leadership workshop on Schloss Freudenfels
Today's tour | 06.04.2010
Immerhin | 02.04.2010
MTBing Easter weather was halfway decent this year.
Eyecandy | 22.03.2010
Small facelift of this website. Hope y'all like it.
Winter mal anders | 08.03.2010
Maui beach Three amazing weeks on Maui
noch Fragen? | 14.02.2010
Haleakala summit
Need I say more? | 10.02.2010
Kihei weather Oh, and that's centigrade...
Updates | 20.01.2010
New pannable panoramas
'tis that time of year again... | 20.12.2009
XC skiing Fun.
No more fog & rain | 17.12.2009
Joshua Tree National Park I just had to..
Pimp my camera | 09.11.2009
polarization filter Bought a polarization filter for my SX1 IS. The improvement is pretty amazing.
Motorcycle tour and mini hike to Kleiner Aubrig | 31.10.2009
Kleiner Aubrig Can you spot Zindlenspitz?
Hiking with my man Steffen | 29.10.2009
Wägitalersee Wägitalersee to Zindlenspitz
Lovely fall day | 27.09.2009
hardcore bike week | 06.09.2009
two more
side effect of being in the shop | 05.09.2009
bar end mirrors An awesome bike just got awesomer. If you also want bar end mirrors for your bike, Jack is the man to talk to.
340 km in 3 days | 01.09.2009
pics are here
what a tour | 31.08.2009
if you can only go on one MTB tour in your life, this one has it all: breathtaking vistas, amazing downhill trails, challenging climbs, you name it. Grab the GPX data and get going!
Two in a row | 17.08.2009
Last weekend's tours
Maiden Voyage Pts I & II | 07.08.2009
Stevens Glide ES I was not aware of the amount of fun one can have on one mountain bike.
Selber schuld | 01.08.2009
the other guy That's what you get if you try to mess with my motorcycle.
Genug gearbeitet | 02.07.2009
Kleine Feierabendtour zum Ausrollen
Worth the wait | 29.06.2009
Yosemite Valley California 2009, 'Luggage Theft' edition
I agree | 29.05.2009
Zurich panorama Not too shabby either
Not too shabby | 16.05.2009
Glacier Point Yosemite sneak preview
Stay up-to-date | 28.04.2009
Random CA updates on http://twitter.com/daduke
That's it? | 20.04.2009
lotsa RAM 16 cores with 128 gigs of RAM are pretty compact nowadays.
Two-wheeled Easter | 13.04.2009
Hornbuck The last of several wonderful tours during Easter vacation.
First real road bike tour | 04.04.2009
Tour track First tour with the new wheels
Last time this year? | 01.03.2009
Black Forest XC ski tour to Feldberg
Beautiful | 14.01.2009
Hünggerberg I admit it. Winter does have its beautiful sides.
New type of sports | 11.01.2009
new skis Discovered cross-country skiing to get me at least some sun while waiting for summer.
Plan B | 02.11.2008
Rossberg Due to a lying weather forecast and massive amounts of snow, we had to cut back our hiking plans big time. Little sun, but a spectacular view.
A king for daduke | 07.10.2008
B-King A smile machine if there ever was one.
Hiking with my homies | 28.09.2008
Fahnenstock Escaping Zurich autumn fog
For all you Linux WEFUNK heads out there | 25.09.2008
WEFUNK Linux user + wefunkradio fan = WEFUNK Gnome tray widget.
I took as an intellectual challenge... | 05.09.2008
Microsoft once again decided to adhere to accepted standards when storing data in their Active Directory LDAP database. NOT. Read here to learn what they came up with.
What a tour | 10.08.2008
Sternenberg Just 40 km from Zurich there's amazing Sternenberg. It's one helluva fun on the motorbike, but the beauty only shows properly on the bicycle.
At last | 07.08.2008
Grand Canyon Pictures from my trip to the Southwestern USA in June.
And another one | 19.07.2008
Bike tour
Bike Tour with Sunny | 15.07.2008
Bike tour
Zurich by night | 09.07.2008
Zurich by night
HDR panoramas | 04.07.2008
Grand Canyon panorama A handy PERL script to generate HDR panoramas from a bunch of images.
La Roche Jaune, Brittany, France | 25.05.2008
Bretagne Relaxing two weeks in France.
Moved d.o | 24.02.2008
Debian w/ Xen This server is now running as a Xen domain on a root server at Hetzner.
Pannable panoramas | 03.02.2008
Pannable panorams Check this out if you got a Java capable browser.
First tour | 20.01.2008
First bike tour in 2008 I hereby declare the 2008 season officially open.
Room with a view | 05.01.2008
Alps Swiss Alps as seen from my apartment in Zurich.
Halloween | 31.10.2007
Pumpkin Carved a pumpkin with Jana.
Perfect combination | 14.10.2007
Amden Motorcycle tour and hiking with (again) friends near Amden
Busy weekend | 24.09.2007
Canyoning to the fullest MTBing, Canyoning and Rafting in Tyrol
Wessside! | 18.08.2007
Mission in Santa Barbara Beautiful California
Eastside! | 09.08.2007
Bunker Hill Monument Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Hiking with different friends | 04.08.2007
Hiking with friends | 15.07.2007
Klausenpass From Urnerboden to the Claridengletscher. More details in Andrea's blog.
New cell phone number | 10.07.2007
It's +41 76 571 71 05 now. Please update your phone book.
Vrooooom! | 02.07.2007
daduke on his GSX-R 1100
drduke | 12.06.2007
daduke, Ph.D. Got myself a Ph.D.
Seattle and Washington State | 12.04.2007
Columbia River
New Year's Eve in Berlin | 31.12.2006
Reichstag in Berlin This city rocks.
Swiss Alps | 26.10.2006
Swiss Alps Motorcycle tour in the Swiss Alps.
Hohenzollern | 08.10.2006
Schloss Hohenzollern Schloss Hohenzollern near Hechingen.
Trip to Prague | 23.09.2006
Charles Bridge in Prague Spent 5 wonderful days in this beautiful city.
Hiking (Einsiedeln) | 01.09.2006
Motorcycle tour in the Black Forest | 23.08.2006
Black Forest
offroad II | 22.07.2006
this man is nuts | 10.07.2006
George Clinton EstivalJazz Lugano + George Clinton = Party till the cows come home.
offroad | 08.07.2006
Allgäu Mountain biking to the fullest
VerkleidETH! | 04.07.2006
phone cam picture Christo at ETH?
Hiking trip | 24.06.2006
Twaeriberg, Schwyz
short vacation | 08.06.2006
Vasia, Liguria 5 very nice days in sunny Liguria, Italy.
new roads | 12.05.2006
Stevens S7 I decided to diversify my biking experience
10 year old slides | 17.04.2006
asia pictures I scanned 350+ slides from a trip to Asia back in '96.
wtf revisited | 05.04.2006
phone cam picture April 5, for Christ's sake!!
small is fun part II | 04.04.2006
NSLU2 with the great work of Martin and the fine folks at Debian it is now possible to run a complete Debian on your NSLU2
wtf?? | 04.03.2006
snow yep, the date is 4th of March
meet Nils | 24.02.2006
Nils Landgren
MACEO!! | 22.10.2005
Maceo Parker
hiking trip | 16.10.2005
daduke hiking what a wonderful day in the middle of October
miniaturization fun | 21.09.2005
picotux playing with the world's smallest Linux computer
security at ETH | 15.08.2005
phone cam picture high voltage and water just don't get along
it's called Fahrspass.. | 01.08.2005
now I need some rest | 16.07.2005
George Clinton George Clinton played in the Kaufleuten. 4 hours in a row. Without break. Hottest live act I've ever seen.
how reassuring to know.. | 08.07.2005
215% that computers get those numbers right
this is what experts are for | 09.06.2005
CNN .. what would we do without people who know things?
Lutra lutra | 09.05.2005
phone cam picture Cute otters in the zoo
New server OS | 05.05.2005
Debian today everything on d.o moved to a new machine, running Debian sarge on a RAID5.
Fancy clouds.. | 22.03.2005
phone cam picture .. on a lovely day
Trashing frenzy | 17.03.2005
phone cam picture There goes my old hardware
more XSLT fun | 20.02.2005
apart from the XHTML you're looking at and the RSS feed, we now also generate a PDF version of this blog (using FOP).
What a piece of crap | 23.01.2005
browser comparison for some stupid reason, I installed IE 6.0 under wine on my Linux machine. Then I used it to have a look at my website. All validated XHTML and CSS, clean and simple. Now check what this pathetic shitty bastard made with my layout. How can 90% of all people use this bullshit?
Nixie clock case | 02.01.2005
Nixie clock case finally. Laser cut stainless steel and all.
Fish Tank v2.0 | 19.12.2004
phone cam picture installed an upgrade
I guess it was inevitable | 09.11.2004
Windows for Supercomputers Windows for Supercomputers is coming.
real-life education | 30.10.2004
phone cam picture you learn best while you're young
Frau Schröder got company | 27.10.2004
li'l fish they're called Endler's Guppys
Fun with physics | 07.10.2004
phone cam picture The flying top
Shopping James Brown style | 02.10.2004
phone cam picture Mama's got a brand new car
'Sleepy' Eddy James plays the Blues | 29.09.2004
phone cam picture The Gig Jazz Bar, Zurich
those pictures suck | 27.09.2004
phone cam picture seen in the Bistro at ETH Hönggerberg.
is this cool or what? | 19.09.2004
phone cam picture Blog entries directly from my cell phone!
Frau Schröder live cam | 18.09.2004
Frau Schröder watch her doing stuff in her tank
RSS feed available | 16.09.2004
d.o RSS due to the beauty of XSLT, we have a RSS feed of this blog now
new toys | 15.09.2004
XSLT this XHTML blog is now generated from XML with the help of XSLT.
why you shouldn't use Windows in a bus.. | 06.09.2004
Windows fun .. when you want to display the timetable. (sorry, phone cam)
Frau Schröder | 29.08.2004
Frau Schröder meet Frau Schröder.
rainbow | 27.08.2004
full ack | 25.08.2004
browse happy in case you're still using IE
skinning daduke | 15.08.2004
Street Parade pictures from the Street Parade and the I'm a movie star party with Christine and Alexander
birthday entries in Evolution calendar | 09.08.2004
Evolution on my Linux page you will find a program that lets you create birthday calendar entries in Evolution
enterprise this time at 28'000 ft.
03.06.2004 - new bathroom
bathroom a lot nicer than the old one.
01.06.2004 - trip to Nürnberg
Nuernberg very nice place indeed.
13.05.2004 - new bike
Aspin what a beauty.
12.05.2004 - web browser
if some things on this website look strange to you (like CSS, transparent PNGs or the scroll behaviour), you should stop using IE (which you should do for any other reason anyway) and switch to a real browser.
19.04.2004 - Xbox Linux cluster
cluster today we performed MPI speed tests on Xbox Linux.
18.04.2004 - at least they're honest
Murks this is how the craftsmen signed the big modification our house is currently undergoing. 'Murks' means 'botch'.
04.04.2004 - updates
rearranged the pix section and added the Paris images.
26.03.2004 - daduke's going to Paris
Paris next week I will be in Paris for a conference and some vacation...
06.03.2004 - we've got style(s)
view daduke.org in different themes! Use the style switcher in the navigation bar to choose between white and blue!
06.03.2004 - s/<font>/XHTML/g
big redesign of d.o - I hope you like it. It's all validated XHTML 1.0 now, a lot cleaner than the old one.
27.02.2004 - Paris LED lamp mod
Paris learn how to tremendously improve the wow factor of this lamp...
24.11.2003 - Windows fun
hack this is how your Windows box looks like after you have forgotten to patch it for 3 days..
03.11.2003 - new compiler
forget gcc, vim and all that crap. Get yourself a real compiler. compiler
01.11.2003 - hehe
25.10.2003 - summer school
Erice just came back from a summer school for Quantum Electronics in Erice, Sicily. Lotsa fun.
18.10.2003 - anudda watch
Skagen this one's a Skagen.
11.10.2003 - mobo repaired
mobo1 mobo2 I repaired my ex-server mobo which had died earlier this year. Working like a charm again.
03.10.2003 - shopping insanity
rack1 rack2 Beowulf Xbox Linux cluster anyone?
02.10.2003 - another nice sky picture
sky seen at 6:30 am
30.09.2003 - recycling made easy
mice yes, you can do something useful with your Apple mouse after you have bought a real one for your Mac.
30.08.2003 - small MP3 player
mp3 with 256M, it is just right to be taken everywhere. I wrote this bash script to recode my MP3s from 160k to 96k for this player.
15.08.2003 - yummy!
Liquid nitrogen ice cream.
10.08.2003 - Nixie clock project page started
Nixie clock I have no case yet and the μC software still has a bug or two, but the PCB should be ok. So start soldering on the project page.
Enterprise Enterprise ... kinda.
27.05.2003 - trusting birds
17.05.2003 - hmmmm
microracer ok, I also think they're quite funny, but some people overdo...
15.05.2003 - finally
bo2 Burnout 2 for Xbox.
14.05.2003 - nice sky over Zurich
sky sky sky now we just need some sun :)
10.05.2003 - beware of these capacitors
cap cap those sukkers killed my server.
09.05.2003 - as seen on TV
cnn no comment.
mobo mobo mobo on sat my new server died. Just froze or rebooted. After buying a new Shuttle board and a 1.7 Celeron, I examined the old board. Apparently it suffered from a known problem: shitty capacitors spill their electrolyte all over the place. Not a good idea in a server. Check out the mess they made on the pictures.
new digicam! | 10.04.2003
I replaced my HP618 with the wonderful Pentax Optio S. Now this is an amazing piece of technology.
new server! | 01.04.2003
all my domains moved to a new server. The old 486/66 has served me well in the last 4 years, but now it's time for a Celeron/800, 512M, RAID1, and latest RH8.
nixies are alive! | 09.02.2003

In the last days I built a nixie clock. Radio controlled and all. As soon as everything is finished (case, software..), I will provide schematics, the PCB layout and the microcontroller software.
another piece of art | 01.01.2003

this one is from Nathalie Philipp
got me a watch | 24.12.2002

my first watch, the wonderful Tangente made by Nomos
purchased some art | 29.11.2002

painted by Hildegard Hahn
case modding | 24.10.2002
and you thought modding was for lamers only...
network madness | 10.10.2002
it's amazing how much network hardware two ppl need.. and that's not even all..
enjoying WLAN | 14.07.2002
we just got a wireless access point for our appartment. Web surfing in the garden, here I come...
wiring the new apartment | 20.04.2002
I just moved in to Anthony's apartment. Now we're wiring it, 2 ethernet cables to every room (including kitchen), the projector and the dolby digital system go to the living room. Now we only have to find the time to watch any of the 438 TV channels the DVB receiver offers...
oh yes, and 2 Mbit on the desktop are nice, too. Thanks Anthony ;-)
First days at ETH | 05.04.2002
I'm now back to Zurich and ETH, and I'm really excited about all the stuff we're gonna do in the next months.
Great Linux firewall | 06.03.2002
Today I tried fli4l, a great one-disk linux firewall solution. Take an old 486, strip out everything except floppy drive, network card and isdn (or DSL) card, edit 4 config files, boot from the floppy disk and you have a nice firewall.
Got myself a PhD position! | 18.01.2002
Starting April 1st, I will work in Günter's nonlinear optics group at ETH towards my PhD degree. It's about circular optical microresonators for smaller and faster optical switches and filters.
Europe's got the Euro | 04.01.2002
So they've really done it. We have the Euro. Apparently my job at Commerzbank has not been that bad as they're still alive. Only minor problems throughout Europe. Greatest currency conversion of all times. Wow!
Leaving Frankfurt | 21.12.2001
Today I'm leaving Frankfurt. The project at Commerzbank is over. I really enjoyed the last 9 months and earned myself quite some money. Berger Strasse, I'll miss you.
I'm back! | 30.07.2001
My vacation is over. Yeah, it's only been one week, but I liked it a lot. If you ever happen to be around, be sure to visit Amrum, a nice little island south of Sylt with beaches like in the Carribean. See the pix section for details...
vacation | 22.07.2001
I will be on vacation until 30.07.01. As all good last-minute offers are already gone, I will spend one week in Husum, North Sea. Prepare for some pictures when I'm back!
site finished | 13.07.2001
DADUKE dot ORG goes online!
The new layout is finished and going online today. Hope y'all like it...
LinuxTag in Stuttgart | 07.07.2001
Today I visited the LinuxTag in Stuttgart. Apart from all the booths, I attended ESR's talk on the Open Source community and CmdrTaco's keynote. Very phunny both of them...
my first real job | 21.03.2001
Last week, I finished my studies at ETH Zurich. I now proudly call myself Dipl. Phys. ETH! Without any time to get bored, I already started my new job today: I am working as an IT consultant for Commerzbank in Frankfurt. We are doing source code analysis and are trying to squeeze out all bugs in the transition from DEM to EUR.
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