Welcome to my Linux page.
I run Linux (Fedora and Debian) on about half a dozen machines, including my Shuttle DH170 workstation, this server, my apu2 router/NAS and a few laptops.
I also use Linux at work on my 81 inches of screen space.
To get an idea about some projects I've been working on, have a look at my announcements.

Linux-related stuff

Well, there's not much here, since most things I do are just quick dirty hacks for personal use. However, there are a few things you might find interesting:
  • Fedora on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet
  • My router has been upgraded to an apu2 and I wrote a kernel module for the front LEDs and updated the apu network LED indicator daemon: see here.
  • Find the driver for the older apu here.
  • For my Alix router I wrote a small C program to indicate network traffic on its LEDs.
  • Linux on the Picotux, the world's smallest Linux computer (at least some years ago)
  • Color profile for my Lenovo Thinkpad W510 wide gamut full-HD display.
  • A tray widget for WEFUNK Radio.
  • if you use Evolution, you might have noticed that you can enter birthday data in Contacts, but no Calendar entries are generated for them. This is a pity. I wrote a small PERL program that reads the contact database and generates a VCF file that you can import into Evolution.
  • I once encountered the problem that I had quite some emails received and written in Outlook (urrghhh, all right) which I wanted to transfer to my regular Unix mail account where I keep all my mail. Of course, Outlook doesn't have a function to save its mails to any useful format, just some weird ascii export with very strange syntax. Therefore I wrote a small PERL script that translates this text file to standard Unix mail format (the one in /var/spool/mail/username).
    So here's my Outlook-to-Unix mail converter program.
    I wrote it for the German version of Outlook, so if you want to use it for another language, you have to translate the keywords (Von: means From: etc.) and the week days.
  • iFolder client on Fedora.
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