Display calibration profile for Lenovo Thinkpad W510 Full-HD LED screen

I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad W510, sporting a spectacular wide-gamut LED-lit full-HD screen. It was immediately apparent however that this great display exhibits a noticable red tint. With the help of a Spyder 3 color meter (kudos to my man Dominik) and the Argyll CMS software suite I came up with the appropriate monitor profile to get rid of the red tint and achieve very natural looking colors.

The profile was created at maximum brightness and 6500 K using the following steps:

dispwin -c
dispcal -v -m -H -V -y l -q h -g l -t 6500 -o W510
targen -v -d3 -G -f836 W510
dispread -v -y l -H -k W510.cal W510
colprof -v -A "Lenovo" -M "W510"  -D "Lenovo W510 FullHD LED wide gamut 6500K" -C "free" -qh -al W510
dispwin -c W510.icc
Since the LED backlight should be fairly uniform across individual W510 screens, you're kindly invited to use my profile for your own W510.

You can use either

dispwin -c W510.icc
(from ArgyllCMS) or gcm-prefs in recent Gnome versions to load the profile system-wide.

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