Connect a DL1414 LED display to your parallel port.
dl1414 Some time ago I bought one of those nice DL1414 4-char LED alphanumeric displays. What good is a display if it is not controllable by the PC? So here I describe how to connect it to the printer port of your PC, and with a little PERL program I wrote, you can output fancy ticker lines on it. The pinout of the DL1414 can be seen here, for the numbering of the parallel port, you can go to this site, for example. You need 11 wires (preferably a ribbon cable) to connect to display to the parallel port and a 5V power supply which you connect to Vcc and GND (pins 6 and 7) of the display. The wiring is as follows:

functionparport pinDL1414 pinfunction
auto feed143/WR
select in175A0

When all the cables are connected, you can output any text using
Have fun!

update: we now have a video!

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